Review Your Analytics Regularly

When was the last time you seriously took a look at your practice's website and digital analytics? Do you review your data on a monthly basis, and evaluate what that data actually means to your bottom line or ROI?

Here at MD Media Experience we place analytics at the forefront of every marketing decision we make for our clients. In fact, we're so seriously about our analytics that we ask every client to devote 15 minutes each month (or quarter) to do a screen share with us to review what has been accomplished in the past 30 days.

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Why MDME? Why Now?

This is a fair question. The answer is and always has been simple and unified: an improved ROI. Improving your ROI can be elusive, especially in private practices and sole proprietorships. Without economies of scale, small businesses of medical and dental professionals are continually being placed in disadvantageous positions. This is especially evident when you look at the redundancies, inefficiencies, and premium pricing found in most digital marketing and branding plans. Often times, these line items take up an inordinate share of your business expenses. For this reason, MDME was designed for medical and dental professionals who desire an improved ROI with their digital marketing plan. MDME was created by a medical professional and industry-leading marketing experts who felt a strong need for an alternative that was transparent, effective, and most importantly, affordable.

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