Client Case Study: New Homepage Launch

Client Case Study: New Homepage Launch

We all know the number one visited page on your website is the homepage. Your website may see upwards of 75% of all traffic you receive landing on and visiting this single page.

Did you also know the homepage is where you're probably make 75% of your mistakes as well?


Such a valuable piece of virtual real estate is often inappropriately used to show a massive header image of a stock model with a single click-through button in a header, and then restating the procedures you already have in your navigation with more images of stock models.

We challenge our clients, and would like to challenge you as well, to rethink your homepage strategy.

What is the goal of your website? For many, the answer is lead generation. Others may see their website as an educational tool or a resource to help existing patients. Whatever its intended purpose, you have goals for each visitor to accomplish, whether that's sending an email or finding a new patient form.

Identify those goals and create a narrative. What story does your homepage tell the visitor? Where are you guiding them, and does each path you lead them down quickly lead to the completion of those valuable goals?

If you're looking for ideas, we encourage you to check out this case study video we put together of a homepage treatment we did for one of our clients. His homepage went from a nice looking showcase, to a funneling, goal-completion machine.

Case Study Update

Only 30 days after implementing the new homepage design, Dr. Martin's homepage brought in 13 more consultation requests from the homepage call-to-action alone. The tools and sub-page funnels were responsible for a subsequent lift in side-wide conversions by 10%.

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