Digital marketing
and media Production for Medical Professionals

We're changing the way practices reach and engage patients online through creative media & ground-breaking technology.

Creative & Technical Solutions

Built from the ground up by a team of industry experts and medical professionals.

Digital Marketing

We grow our client's traffic, search engine visibility, and website authority through industry-leading internet marketing practices. Whatever your online marketing needs may be, we have a solution custom to you.

Video & Media Production

Our video services and revolutionary platform combine the highest-caliber of media production with the expertise of real medical professionals to showcase the best you and your medical practice have to offer. 

Mind of a Surgeon Podcast

Showcase your expertise as a guest on the popular Mind of a Surgeon Podcast. Discuss the latest technology, techniques, and procedures used in your office to market your practice on a new and innovative platform.

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Curious how MD Media Experience can grow your practice?

We're empowering medical professionals like you with the tools you need to build a digital brand.

The MD Media Experience

We're not like other marketing and media production companies you might know, and here's why...


Built By Doctors for Doctors

MD Media Experience is owned and operated by a team of medical professionals and industry-leading marketing experts. We're uniquely qualified to serve the needs of your practice.


Innovative Technology

MDME utilizes technology to allow medical professionals to simultaneously educate and empower their patients while enhancing their digital brand and creatively capturing unique digital interaction data.


Real, Faster Results

In an industry inundated with mistrust and confusion, we've set out to demystify and empower medical professionals to make the strategic marketing decisions necessary to grow their business.

We're uniquely qualified to understand your needs

"By recruiting industry leading professionals in all the digital marketing arenas, including digital marketing and media, digital content production and digital design and social networking strategy, we created a truly unique entity that empowers medical professionals to develop, maintain and grow their digital brand through all digital channels. With the formation of MDME, we have now developed dynamic medically themed digital content unmatched in the industry and we offer groundbreaking digital tools for the distribution of this content."
- Dr. Jason Martin, Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

We're still looking to partner with a few more medical professionals.

If you would like to partner with MD Media Experience, please reach out to us by clicking the button below. We're eager to demonstrate what we can do to improve your practice today.

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