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Search Engine Optimization

Local Google & Map Listing SEO

Content written & edited for SEO by our content development team

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Conversion Optimization Technology Stack

Unlimited Content Updates

Analytics & Data Tracking

Email Marketing

Virtual Consultation Technology


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Advertising Management


Microsite Development


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For 3 Procedures

Automated Drip
Marketing Sequences


White-Label Video Library


Video Management
& Optimization


Identity-Driven Experience


$750 / month

$1750 / month

$3500/ month

Pre-Sale / Sale Process Through the On-boarding System

1. Digital Practice Diagnostic questionnaire to identify what services prospect wants/needs (virtual consultation / Landbot style)

2. Presented with choice of the appropriate tier/package for them based on their results.

3. Create an account in our system with basic contact information (variables saved from steps 1&2)

4. Accept terms, sign agreement, and pay right within the platform (synchronized with

Upon completion of onboarding and purchase, client's account is automatically transitioned to 'Active' status and the client now has access to their dashboard.

Dashboard Wishlist

  • Integration with Google Analytics API
    • ​Simplistic dashboard-style reporting where they can view a predetermined set of widgets similar to a GA Dashboard report

  • Integration with either Landbot or proprietary Virtual Consultation system
    • Leads from Virtual Consultation are immediately visible in the Dashboard via API
    • Leads from website contact forms are automatically visible in Dashboard via API

  • Monthly Practice Checklist - A to-do list for the practice to check off each month for things like approving content, communicating internal close rates, etc. This list to-do list is our way of holding them accountable.
    • ​Monthly email sent to office manager prompting them to complete their monthly to-do list
    • MDME team member receives notification when completed, or if delinquent

  • Client-prompted push notifications to alert MDME of new specials, requests for website updates, ​virtual consultation questions, and Microsite updates
    • Trigger emails to appropriate MDME team member so they can take the requested action
    • Client is in turn notified automatically by email when the change is made

  • ​Section for "My Tasks" or area where client can see what's being done for them each month and the status (Open, In Progress, Completed) if applicable

  • White-Label Video Library Section for client to access their library of videos​
    • ​Copy embed codes for sharing