Video & Media Production

Our video services and revolutionary platform combine the highest-caliber of media production with the expertise of real medical professionals to showcase the best you and your medical practice have to offer.

Why is Content Creation Important?

Most digital marketing firms do content creation for you in the form of blog articles and static website pages, but fortunately or unfortunately the future is in dynamic media production. What does that mean? In most cases it's dynamic videos. Why does that matter?

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    People want to see YOU
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    They want to see your interactions and personality
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    They'll learn more about your personal and practice brand
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    Familiarity is a leading component of internet conversion

Video Production with MD Media Experience

Cost & Efficiency

Video production has been historically quite expensive. What we've done at MDME is tear down that wall to make video production incredibly efficient -- 1-2 days where we do digital content creation leaving you with an immense amount of content to use going forward.


Not only have we created a digital marketing firm that executes your marketing plan better than anyone else in the industry, but now we have a company that does dynamic video and media production that's bar none the best in the industry.

Speed & Accessibility

Our turnaround time from the video shoot until you have your videos in-hand is less than three weeks. That makes our video content perfect for use in social media campaigns, on your website, digital landing pages, and on any digital channel that exists. When you need videos, we get them done.