We use innovative technology to better qualify patients, generate new leads, and save you a whole lot of time

MDME’s Virtual Consultation platform is a dynamic and interactive tool designed specifically to increase the quality and quantity of patient leads you generate from your digital marketing efforts. Reduce time spent on dead-end consultations by filling your schedule with qualified and prepared patients.

Powered by Real AI & Logic Trees!

medical virtual consultation

Virtual Consultation Platform

Filling your schedule with the procedures you want to perform, for qualified and prepared candidates coming in for consultations, starts with how you handle that very first interaction. Using our interactive lead-gen technology, your patients will self-segment themselves based on their needs, identify the procedures that may be right for them, and be guided toward scheduling the right type of consultation. All of this is accomplished with our state-of-the-art and surgeon-approved logic trees.

  • Schedule more consultations with the right type of patients
  • Transform your website into a patient-educating resource that pays dividends in time saved
  • Delight customers with a seamless virtual consultation experience
  • Enjoy marketing automation at its finest as your office receives new leads straight to their inbox without having to do a thing

Expand your Reach with
MDME Microsites

Achieve Google rankings and search traffic previously out of your reach with our robust Microsite program. We've spent years developing and optimizing the perfect microsite experience to attract visitors, engage them with the information that matters most, and funnel them toward a conversion using our Virtual Consultation platform. The best part? Our Microsites operate 100% independent of all other website or marketing efforts you're doing. Our turnkey, standalone Microsites can be up and running in less than one week!

Reach More Visitors in Your Market

Reach new patients in days, not years! Our Microsites rank better than most standard websites and gain you the exposure you need in any market.

Conversion Funnels Included

Our system handles everything from Virtual Consultation logic trees down to email marketing automation. We save you time!

Our Content - Your Branding

Our content, emails, messaging, colors, and graphics are customized with your brand, logo and accent color to have you looking consistent throughout the web.

Generate Qualified Ready-to-Convert Leads

Our Virtual consultations and Microsites are completely configured and ready to start generating more patients for the procedures you want to perform.

100% Turnkey and Standalone

Our service is independent of anything else you're doing on the web - it even complements existing marketing efforts!

Reporting & Insights

Get the data and insight you need to manage, make changes and track the progress of your digital marketing efforts.

What is a Microsite?

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We'll help you build a better practice

Our goal is to help you connect with your patients to gain valuable insight on what’s important to them. We'll help you market your practice's services to previously unreachable audiences, and connect you with prospective patients who are qualified and ready to proceed. MDME makes all of this possible, building a continuous cycle of happy patients and powerful practice tools to help you capture your next patient.