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Why MDME? Why Now?

This is a fair question. The answer is and always has been simple and unified: an improved ROI. Improving your ROI can be elusive, especially in private practices and sole proprietorships. Without economies of scale, small businesses of medical and dental professionals are continually being placed in disadvantageous positions. This is especially evident when you look at the redundancies, inefficiencies, and premium pricing found in most digital marketing and branding plans. Often times, these line items take up an inordinate share of your business expenses. For this reason, MDME was designed for medical and dental professionals who desire an improved ROI with their digital marketing plan. MDME was created by a medical professional and industry-leading marketing experts who felt a strong need for an alternative that was transparent, effective, and most importantly, affordable.


The Back Story

After toiling for ten years in private practice, I had fortunately realized some semblance of success and stability. We had weathered the difficulties of creating a flourishing surgery practice and we were now finally focusing on sustained growth. As we knew that sustained growth would inherently require capital, we first looked internally for areas that needed improvement. We highlighted areas of inefficiencies that could be reworked in hopes of improving our bottom line.

One expense column that jumped off the page during this review was our monthly investment we were making into my practice’s digital marketing and branding. This, per our evaluation, cost us thousands of dollars a month after all these expenses were aggregated. I was both frustrated and humbled by this expense, as I had always prided myself on being austere with my business practices. Furthermore, even with an increase in our yearly digital marketing budget, we were unable to qualify any statistical increase in both internet-derived business and social media engagement. And, to add insult to injury, the advisors at my digital marketing company were encouraging me to spend more money—not less—when I brought up my concerns.

It was at this moment, in a fit of frustration, that I said out loud, “There has to be a better option.” After reaching out to multiple influencers in the digital marketing industry, it became obvious that most of the digital marketing options for medical professionals in the digital marketplace were regressive, intentionally limited, and notably overpriced when compared to other business sectors. To that point, no colleague or business owner that I approached could give me any reputable referral for my business. Each of them was similarly frustrated at the lack of ROI from their digital marketing plan. We all collectively had the same complaints!

That is when I first realized an unfortunate truth: medical and dental professionals as a whole were being universally underserved by the digital marketing industry. Due to our collective inability to fully understand the intricate workings of a sound digital marketing plan, the digital marketing industry had created entire service lines for us that relied primarily on our shared ignorance. These service lines were consistently overpriced and lacked substance and goals. They were not transparent and relied on recycled, non-engaging content. Dynamic media production was nowhere to be found. It was as if the entire digital marketing industry for the medical and dental marketplace was stuck in the mid-2000s, where a sound digital marketing plan solely relied on keyword SEO and blog posts. It was truly demoralizing.

The Foundation of MDME

In the midst of all this, I felt strongly that if we as medical professionals had a better option, we could finally take control of our digital brands. Therefore, born out frustration and motivated by a desire for something better, I pulled together a team of experts and forward-thinking minds, and through collaboration and inspiration, we founded MDME. It was all about empowerment and the future. Most importantly, it was about generating an improved ROI.

From its inception, we created MDME to engage and support all medical and dental professionals, especially those who are leaders in their respective fields. We knew from the start that if we focused on the creation of industry-leading dynamic media content, including videos and podcasts, that we could disrupt the digital marketing industry in this space. This dynamic media content, which is extremely additive to a medical professional’s digital brand, had already pervaded other industries; it has been central to the digital marketing plans in technology and entertainment marketplaces. Because dynamic media content is a remarkably powerful tool for outreach and engagement when placed into different digital channels, it was evident that focusing on it would modernize digital marketing for the medical industry.

To distribute this content, we created proprietary digital tools for websites that offer gated and/or serialized experience, thus putting the medical professional in control of his or her own digital narrative. As with most other digital marketing companies, we decided to also offer all components of a sound digital marketing plan, from website development and maintenance to content production and social media strategies. Furthermore, we felt it was necessary to offer personalized marketing plans ranging from simple plans that only focus on SEO strategies to all-inclusive plans that cover every facet of digital marketing and distribution through each digital channel. Ultimately, with MDME, we created an option for medical and dental professionals that is both affordable and empowers them to fully realize the benefits of the digital world. It is a win-win that is tailored to the specific needs of professionals in these industries.

Moving Forward

Now, let me ask you: At its core, is your digital marketing firm value based? Are you getting a good ROI on your monthly digital marketing investment? Do you feel that they are your partner in the digital realm, and do they emphasize plans and strategies that focus on the best interest of your business? Are they offering you comprehensive digital media content that is ahead of the curve, like podcasts, dynamic videos, and short and long form Instagram and Facebook videos? Do they have a comprehensive grasp of the medical and dental industry, and are they invested in its future? Do they have any coherent plan regarding your practice’s approach to social media and how that plan integrates the unique professional requirements we have in the medical and dental industry?

Do they ever talk to you about your marketing goals or break down the analytics of your site in a way that is meaningful to your business? Do you have monthly meetings with them regarding your progress? Have they ever proposed that you integrate new product lines that they are developing to improve your website? Is there anything that they have created and implemented for you in the past 2-3 years that, from your perspective, has been truly innovative? Do they offer any ongoing education? Have they ever allowed you to talk directly with the programmers and design staff from their firm? Are they receptive to any ideas you or your office staff have had to improve your digital brand?

Understand that I have personally asked myself all these questions regarding my previous digital marketing company, and the answer was unequivocally and universally NO. Not a single YES to any of these questions, and I am confident that a majority of your answers to these questions is also NO. As the digital marketing industry has made little historical effort to understand the specific needs of professionals in the medical and dental marketplace, I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

This post is not about you or anyone in this industry switching to MDME. If you are one of the rare individuals who has actually found a digital marketing company that works for you in this space, then consider yourself fortunate! And, by all means, let your colleagues who are struggling with their company know that there is a better option. Rather, this blog post is a call to arms for all of us who own our own businesses and are looking for a better way to grow and save money.

MDME was created solely to give each of us the ability to take back control of our digital narratives while keeping a little more of our well-earned money in our collective pockets. At MDME, we are extremely bullish on the future. When you consider the power that digital marketing carries in this space, NOW is the time to take action and start building a more robust digital foundation. By giving MDME a chance, I am confident that you will realize savings almost immediately. Your monthly expenses with our plans will likely be less than your current plan without any loss of service, which makes switching a no-brainer. I am equally as confident that switching to MDME will have long-term benefits. Specifically, I believe that MDME can help you build sustained growth in your business solely through an effective and well-rounded digital marketing plan. In other words, we want to offer you an improved ROI for years to come! Welcome aboard!

Jason Martin MD
Founder and CEO

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